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Blackpool Highlight Reel

Where can I learn this material?




Three impossibly visual vanishes and the neuroscience that causes someone to see an object in your hand when it's not actually there. 

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This isn't usually included in the project but I wanted to do something special for Blackpool.


If you already own Optical but would still like to access this material, just buy any other project and use the code ‘OPTICALBUYER’ and we’ll send you the bonus. 


An exploration of 'coins across' that transcends the visual limitations of the plot and adds juicy layers of audible deception. 

The routine featured in the video is Silver Echoes. In this routine, you hear the coins leave one hand and arrive in the other, but with closed fists and nothing to see. The last coin vanishes so impossibly with COMPLETELY EMPTY HANDS to magically travel to the spectator's hand!



Four incredibly powerful working routines that feature highly visual, awe-inspiring productions.

The video above features 'Past Time Coins', a routine where you audibly tap an invisible coin in mid-air before producing it, and 'Bounty', an incredibly fun way to produce a seemingly endless number of coins. 



11 mind-blowing sleights to make your routines more powerful, visual, and deceptive.


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