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The Dance and The Boogie

'The Dance' was a project created 11 years ago by the wonderful mind of Brian Platt.

All this time later - Danny Goldsmith discovered it and was SHOCKED that it was practically unknown to most coin magicians. 

In fact, it has never been made available digitally anywhere and all the DVD's are sold out.

For this week only you can claim 'The Dance' for the first time ever digitally plus a mini project titled 'The Boogie' created by Danny himself.

Here's the trailer for Brian's project first, and then you'll see what Danny's added.

PLEASE watch every video on this page - it's worth it...

What has Danny added?

'The Boogie' is the perfect accompaniment to 'The Dance.'


'The Dance' requires you to learn a muscle pass.


Danny has come up with a way to perform all the routines you'll be shown below WITHOUT a muscle pass, plus some bonus ideas on routines that usually require a muscle pass.


His substitute move is genuinely so easy to learn you might not even classify it as sleight of hand and allows you to very comfortably perform highly skilled-looking routines.


Watch Danny perform below...

1. Boogie Coins Across

2. Boogie Coin Through Glass

3. Boogie Production

Summary of everything you'll learn in these two projects...

The Dance


The Dance is a simple, no-frills plot: Coins jump around, from one hand to the other in the cleanest and most surprising of manners. Each move can be performed independently for a squeaky clean, quick hit trick, or elegantly stacked.

Tumbling Muscle Click Pass

Picking up on the work of masters Shoot Ogawa and Akira Fuji, Brian has added a retention of vision element to the basic muscle click pass, creating a devastatingly convincing illusion. You'll learn how to perform this with half dollars, Morgan dollars, quarters, or even borrowed rings and keys. As a bonus, you'll learn how to pass up to three coins at once, making for an instant three coins across.

Casual ROV Muscle Click Pass

A variation of the Tumbling Muscle Click Pass that employs retention of vision with a more casual tossing motion.

Flash Transfer/Shooter Split

This technique combines principles from Arthur Buckley, Shoot Ogawa and Dan Sylvester to create an absolutely invisible coin transfer- even under intense scrutiny and with less than ideal angles. 

Tenkai Pennies (Goshman Pinch/Pointing Transfer)

Brian shares his personal touches on a classic of coin magic.

The Basic Muscle Pass

With a full understanding of how frustrating it can be to learn this move, Brian explains in great detail what got him over the hump and what will get you there too. If you're serious about coin magic, learning this sleight is an absolute must. No excuses, you can do it!

The Boogie

The Boogie Move

This is the sleight that allows you to perform all of the effects you saw Danny showcase above. It is a perfect substitute for the muscle pass and genuinely laughably easy to learn. 

Boogie Production

Two simple components that will take 2 minutes to learn and are easily practiced. This will not be a frustrating learn, beginners could have the components down in seconds.

Boogie Coins Through Glass

This is a very simple application of the production you will have just learned. The only thing you'll have to practice is your hand alignment. 

Boogie Coins Across

Again, this is genuinely very easy to learn - which is shocking for how clean the routine looks. There are two moves and both can be learned easily by beginners and pros alike.

Bonus thoughts

  • A wonderful way to produce a coin from midair which gets great reactions from spectators.

  • Produce a coin from an empty hand with zero motion when your hand opens.

  • A discussion on all the ways you can use the resting catapult to replace the normal muscle pass.

So, all the details out of the way, how much will this cost?


Well, the usual cost of a mini project from Danny like this would be around $14 and the original sale value of 'The Dance' was $24.95. 

That brings us up to a total value of $38.95.

You can pick up these 2 projects for the next 7 days for just $19. 

Buy below...

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