The Guild Patron Membership(only 20 available)

This top-tier membership is for those looking to take their magic to the next level of mastery through a deep-dive, immersive experience, working closely with Danny in a smaller, more intimate group setting.  Additionally, you’ll receive all of Danny’s current and future work--both published and unpublished--for free!  And, with early access, you’ll always be the first to learn Danny’s new creations.

What You’ll Get:

1. Everything included in the Guild Membership

  • Bi-monthly workshop/lectures with Danny

  • Access to the Video Library

  • Community Forum

2. Exclusive Patron Workshops with Danny

Twice a month, Danny will host 2+ hour meetings in a small group of up to five others where you’ll receive:​

Access to unpublished secrets

Danny will teach you moves and routines that aren’t available anywhere else.  These are Danny’s most precious secret creations that he’s willing to share only with Guild Patron members.

Creative consulting

You’ll receive mentorship from Danny in discovering your unique creativity, as you build routines from scratch together.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of scripting, timing, pacing, tension and relaxation, and adding the right sleights to build the perfect performance.

Personalized lesson plans

Danny will provide exercises and drills catered specifically to you.  From sleights and dexterity-building to body language and tonality, Danny will give you interactive feedback to finely tune your performance and master the subtle nuances of this art.

One-On-One Follow-Up with Danny

As part of your Guild Patron Membership Danny is available to answer personal messages and give follow-up tips on any questions you may have in between your Guild Patron exclusive meetings. Upon request, Danny will either jump on a video call with you or exchange video messages to address your needs.

*Dates and times for meetings will be set to accommodate your schedule!

3. Patron Exclusive Rooms

These chat and video rooms will only be visible to Guild Patron Members. Here you will be able to hang out, practice, create, and discuss exclusive material with Danny and fellow patrons in spontaneous meetups. Danny will be active in the community rooms throughout the month and make extra time for the Guild Patrons.

4. FREE access to Danny’s Projects

Your Guild Patron membership gives you free access to all current and future projects available on This includes to date:

Early access

  • Homage Package Deal (2020)

  • Modus (2021)

  • Mythos (2021)

  • Optical (2022)
    (and he has many more in the works!)

As a Guild Patron member, you’ll gain access to all of Danny’s future projects and materials before they’re released to the public! When Danny films a new project you will get access to it as soon as he finishes editing it!

Personalize Your Journey

This is your personal journey. Each of you will come to the Guild Patron membership with a different set of goals. This opportunity is here to support you as long as you need it. This is a pay-by-the-month membership that you can cancel and resubscribe as per your needs. Every journey is different and sometimes we must step back to move forward.

The Guild Patron Membership is designed to share with you the same insights that Danny discovered on his path in magic. This membership will support you in applying these insights to your unique path so that you can accomplish your vision.

If you truly want to walk the path of mastery and you’re dedicated to discovering the essence of this artform, then this membership is for you!

Become a Guild Patron Member

  • Premium

    The Guild Patron

    Every month
    Personalized interactions and teachings with Danny
    • Gain full access to The Guild
    • Work closely with Danny
    • Receive personalized lessons and create magic together
    • Learn Danny’s most secret techniques
    • FREE early access to all of Danny’s projects
    • Discover a magical path to mastery