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Learn Powerful Magic.

Rediscover Wonder.


“Danny offers a new and exciting approach that will change your perspective on coin magic.”

- Eric Jones

Americas, Got Talent Semi-finalist

Welcome to a world of discovery



Learn a collection of Danny’s greatest routines and insights.

These projects contain powerful magic that will amaze your audience.

Countless original sleights, presentations and theories to help improve your performance.

Magic Mastery

Join a community of magicians working together to grow, have fun, and learn how to best offer a profound state of wonder to others.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational material or an advanced practitioner seeking to hone your craft, this is for you.

Learn new creative content, share insights, and hone your skills with the support of community.  Elevate your magic!

The Mastery Blog

Read articles capturing the thoughts, theories and advice of a variety of intelligent magicians. 

Learn from these artists as they discuss the nuances of their specific fields of expertise. 

A blog library providing a wide range of knowledge to assist you in your path to mastery. 

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FREE Magic

Want access to a full lecture containing:

  • One of the most deceptive retention vanishes you’ll ever see, plus how to fix 3 bad habits that 99.99% of magicians have when it comes to this move.

  •  The neuroscience of creating new habits while simultaneously breaking down bad ones–scientifically proven methods to increase your dexterity and make you a better magician.

  • The importance of presentation and how to impact your audience, leaving them in a lasting state of wonder.

    And so much more....?

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