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A Little About Me


Danny Goldsmith was 15 years old when he first experienced the profound sense of wonder that can be invoked through witnessing the art of magic.  In this case, it was a simple coin trick that inspired him to become a student of magic, to spend the next 18 years rediscovering that precious state of wonder in order to share it with others.

​From street performing across countless cities to working corporate events for Google, At&t and the like, Danny spent years developing his craft and performing for a range of audiences. He studied the history, theory and practice of sleight of hand, as well as the systems of neuroscience, meditation and Buddhist psychology.  Through his study and exploration of the mind and perception, Danny has synthesized his insights in order to help magicians best understand the true magic of this craft. From the psychology of wonder to the neuroscience of creativity, Danny teaches a path of true discovery to thousands of magicians across the world.

He is currently working on building a community of magicians who are interested in gifting both themselves and their audiences an unforgettable experience--an inherent state of mind which can connect us directly with the state of wonder, creativity and beauty. 

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