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Gift 1: Free Lecture

Danny’s going to teach you:

  • One of the most deceptive retention vanishes you’ll ever see, plus how to fix 3 bad habits that 99.99% of magicians have when it comes to this move.

  •  The neuroscience of creating new habits while simultaneously breaking down bad ones–scientifically proven methods to increase your dexterity and make you a better magician.

  • The importance of presentation and how to impact your audience, leaving them in a lasting state of wonder.

Gift 2: Free Lecture/Interview with Craig Petty

Here Danny teaches:

  • The real work on angles–drills and exercises to increase your confidence in performing super visual magic!

  • How to connect deeply with your audience through understanding the psychology of wonder and the mind of your spectator.

  • And so much more practical theory to make your magic great and offer something truly valuable to your audience.  

Gift 3: …Well, we’ll leave that part a surprise…

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