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Video stream or download
Duration: 3 hours 
Size: 2.8 GB

Danny's Best Selling Product 'Homage' PLUS $70 in FREE Bonuses.


This project is a step by step guide on how to invoke wonder in your audiences through powerful presentation and my homage to the coin magic greats.

Whether you're a beginner in magic or an advanced practitioner, there is so much to get out of this project!


What You'll get:

3 routines
12 ORIGINAL sleights


...and countless invaluable professional secrets gained through a lifetime performing coin magic.


The Routines


Silver Chinese Tiger 

Three different coins vanish, reappear...and then vanish again!

This routine is packed with so many magic moments it’ll astound your spectators!


Symphony Silver

A stunning mini ‘coins across’ featuring a concept you don't see enough coin magicians talk about...sound manipulation!



One of Danny's favorite routines... The kicker ending on this is frankly off the charts!



PLUS 12 Original Sleights featuring...


The Counter Balance Retention Vanish-

so clean you can watch it again and again and swear the coin never leaves his hand.


But that's not all.  You'll also get:


Homage Extras

Danny will teach you a fun transposition effect that looks impossible as well as many extra sleights including vanishes, changes, productions. You're especially going to love the slow motion production. You saw it in the full trailer. That was not CGI!!


A Talk on Theory

Danny will also be giving a 20 minute talk on presentational theory and what makes our magic magical! You will learn about:


  • Tension and relaxation

  • Proper motivation

  • Naturalness

  • How to win over the skeptics

  • Why doesn't your coin magic get reactions?

  • What is magic and how do we invite our spectators to experience it?


But we're not done yet!

Because when you Purchase Homage you'll also get $70 in FREE Bonuses




Palm Transition Masterclass

Drills are Danny's secret weapon to making his sleights look so natural and smooth that you’ll swear they’re invisible.  You can practice them anytime, anywhere, and just doing them once per day will have a huge impact on your skill!  In this video you’ll discover Danny's personal go-to coin drill, plus a really cool vanish you can perform with it!

- ($15 value)

Mastering Angles

Card legend Aaron Fisher once said Danny had “a gift for making visual magic PRACTICAL.”


In this special bonus training, Danny will share the secrets behind practicing ‘the angles’, including what you need to know to ensure no one EVER sees a thing.


NOTE: This comes exclusively from Danny's private lessons, and the material is literally priceless. – ($15 value)


Sightless Sound 

A NEW TWO COIN routine that will melt your eyes and astonish your ears. This has never been taught ANYWHERE before. – ($20 value)

Daily Dose of Iron

When they see you vanish, produce and EAT A JUMBO COIN and then REPRODUCE IT—your audience simply will not believe their eyes! Danny has never taught this anywhere else. – ($20 value)
See it here:

That’s $70 worth of incredible coin magic for FREE when you secure Homage for just $35

Download or stream it now!

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