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11 mind-blowing sleights to make your routines more powerful, visual, and deceptive.


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Duration: 50 min 
Size: 848 MB

If you want to learn some fun creative moves and establish a practice routine that guarantees your growth, then this is for you!

What You'll Learn:


6 vanishes
3 changes
2 productions


 A deep dive into the neuroscience of building muscle memory and mastering sleight of hand!

The Moves
As you can see in the trailer above these moves are as visual as it gets. On top of teaching you these moves you will learn about the inspiration behind creating these techniques and how to apply some of these ways of thinking to your own magic. One of my favorite moves in this project is the Twister R.O.P.S move which is my take on the R.O.P.S move from Michael Rubinstein. Hear what Michael had to say:


"...I was very impressed! I think that the Autumn Vanish alone is worth the price of the download, although there are many worthwhile techniques worth exploring. Nice also to see someone come up with the first practical variation of the R.O.P.S. technique in 40 years! You have a true winner with Modus!"

-Michael Rubinstein 

(Prolific creator and award winning magicinan)

The Neuroscience


A deep dive into the neuroscience of building muscle memory! You're going to learn how to structure your practice so that you learn difficult moves more quickly and can execute them smoothly.


When followed properly these techniques are guaranteed to help you grow. In fact its scientifically proven:

"Just finished my first run through of Modus. I want to jump right to the point. I couldn't wait to hear the practice portion of the project. He talked about delving into the neuroscience of his practice. I was not disappointed! My background includes 14 years of brain and spinal cord research and teaching neuropsychology and the like at UK, Cal State and LSU.


Danny is spot on in all he discusses about building muscle memory and the neurotransmission required to develop it to the level he has. Now, that is a good thing because it does mean if you put the time into it and practice and re-practice with purpose as he discussed (really, slow that stuff down people) you too will develop the timing and control to make it look like Danny does...pure magic! When you explained your method of practice it all made sense watching your work. You get to a point where it happens through memory and not concerted thought. Brilliant understanding of your craft."

-Markus Duke


Brain Sketch

Modus gives you the skills to build your dexterity and is sure to inspire you to master your craft!   

Download or stream Modus now!

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