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Mythos is a deep dive into the creativity, psychology and essence of Magic. 



This is Danny's greatest work yet, his magnum opus!

If you want to:


  • Create interesting presentations that truly captivate your audience

  • Deeply understand the psychological principles that invoke wonder

  • And uncover your own unique creativity to bring about your most powerful magic 


...Then this is for you. Read on...


Here’s what you’ll get when you pick up Mythos:


3 mind-blowing talks
4 stunning routines...
…and a BUNCH of bonus material!



1. The Talks


A Magical Mythos

In this talk Danny discusses the current issues that have slipped into the ‘mythos’ of the community and how these views impact our creativity and our audience.

He will then offer you a new mythos that, if practiced, will deepen your relationship to this art form and put you on the road to true mastery.


The Psychology of wonder

In this talk we will explore the mind of the spectator AND the inner workings of the psyche in relationship to the felt experience of wonder.
We will discuss the skills that lead to impactful performances that gift our audience with an experience they will never forget.


The Science of Creativity

In this talk we will get into the neuroscience of creativity and why it is that magicians tend to get trapped in recreating the same concepts.
We will then discuss how to free our creativity so that we can invent entirely new and unique pieces of magic.

Video stream or download
Duration: 149 min 
Size: 2.4 GB

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"I imagine this is exactly what It would have been like to watch Leonardo Da Vinci talk about art. The passion and mastery Danny exhibits towards magic is breath-taking. Every moment meticulously engineered both in theory and choreography and the result is THE best coin magic masterclass I have ever seen. 10/10! "


(named Mentalist of the Year with performances on NBC’s TODAY Show, TMZ, ET, Rachael Ray, Discovery and FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo!)

2. The Routines


Everything in this project is pure sleight of hand. 
That means : NO GIMMICKS!!!



3 impossibly clean productions. This is how it would look if you could actually pull money from thin air. All performed to a magical story that blurs the line between fiction and reality.


Magic has run rampant as 2 coins switch places and switch back so cleanly that you would swear it was gimmicked (it's not). 

"Well there must be an extra coin then!?"

Nope :D



A magnetic coins routine with some mind-blowing NEW moves all set to a clever presentation that makes this performance so much more magical for the spectator.

Through time

A super visual 3 phase time travel routine that will not only take your coin back in time

"Love it...Great Project. Goldsmith shows you all the potential hidden within a core concept. makes one wonder how many moments of magic are being overlooked with the skills you already have. Inspirational."

-Garrett Thomas 

(A true Master of the craft, consultant for David Blaine, awarded the highest prize on Penn& Teller FoolUs)

garret thomas quote.jpg

3. So Much Bonus Material!!!


Not only will you learn a visual production and a mind-blowing ring vanish that I'm sure will go straight into your repertoire…

...but you will also learn one of Danny's FAVORITE CREATIONS:


The Finger Fling

The finger fling is:


  • An improvement on the finger tip muscle pass, this impromptu anti-gravity effect is no longer limited to a coin. (you can do this with playing cards, credit cards, rocks, rings etc.) 

  • Invisible to the spectator (even magicians will SWEAR this is a gimmick…)

  • A super power that you'll always have with you.

(Danny spent the last few years studying the hands of his students so that he can teach you the nuances of mastering this move.
He even managed to teach a 12 year old this move in less than 5 minutes.)

"I buy everything Danny releases, because of his talent and his insight. And this is easily his most ambitious project. I’m thrilled that he took the time to make this."

-Jeremy Griffith

(One of the most knowledgable and proficient Card Mechanics in the world)

jeremy quote.jpg

Learn the psychology of wonder and the neuroscience of creativity to take your presentations to the next level with Mythos!

Download or stream it now!

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