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Four incredibly powerful working routines that feature highly visual, awe-inspiring productions.


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Duration: 1h 49 mins 
Size: 1.77 GB

Watch Danny Perform Magic From Prosper LIVE: 

Why Did Danny Create Prosper? 


The beauty and magic of productions is something that’s incredibly relatable to our spectators. 


Simply put:

Everyone understands the desire to produce wealth. 

Producing money is far more of a relatable and wonderful feeling than seeing it disappear.

There’s nothing to ‘look for’, nothing ‘missing’ and as a result, a state of astonishment can be invoked instantly.

Danny has gotten so much mileage out of these routines and he hopes you enjoy them too.


What’s included in the project? 

1. Danny Goldsmith's Stretch Misers

Note: Please watch to the end to see the FULL live performance of this routine.

It features...

  • An incredibly motivated move that looks as if you’re stretching a piece of silver into multiple coins.

  • A genius way to trick the eyes (that is guaranteed to work every time!) 

  • A beautiful subtlety that enables you to produce a jumbo coin invisibly. 

  • BONUS IDEA: a way to do this routine with even more productions.

Note: There is a gaffed variation of this routine that uses a common gimmick however this is purely optional. (It just barely enhances the routine.) 

2. Past Time Coins

It features...

  • A routine that spices up your coin productions and adds some audible flare.

  • A completely impromptu and gimmickless way to click a coin in mid-air.

  • The completely unseen and unnoticed ‘hidden principle’ that makes this whole routine work allowing for impossible productions and vanishes.

3. Pieces

It features...

  • A very simple premise! The hand is empty, you’re picking a piece of silver off of a coin and then producing a new coin from it! (it’s SO clean)

  • The perfect visual opener for your coin routines! (a lot of routines start with just pulling your coins from your pocket - why not do this instead?) 

  • An easy alternate handling that makes some of the moves a lot easier.

  • Teaching on ‘Sneaky palm’ (a new and very deceptive palm that is taught in this routine) 

  • Ways to use this routine to open for a 3 fly or other routines you're using.

4. Bounty

It is...

  • The ideal thing to do with spectators in-between routines.

  • The perfect impromptu fidget move. 

  • Completely captivating (you can do it for as long as you want and they won’t stop watching)

  • Able to be performed with alternate handlings where you can produce your phone! (or a jumbo coin) 

  • Possible to do with no sleights learned except basic palms (you don’t even need to know how to do a coin roll!) 

5. Bounty v2

An incredible variation of bounty that looks like you can produce infinite currency from different countries. (Uses a common gimmick)

Prosper Checkout

Learn impossible productions and take your coin magic to the next level!

Download or stream it now!

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