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Silversmith is a collection of 4 original routines unlike anything you've seen before!


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Duration: 93 min 
Size: 1.5 GB

What You'll Learn:


Crazy Man’s Coin Cuffs
Worth the price of the entire download alone, this is the project’s signature routine. What can be said... Crazy man’s handcuffs, but with two normal coins. It looks fair, but Danny’s deception allows for one solid coin to phase slowly through the center of another. But it doesn't end there, this routine has a kicker ending that you just cant see coming!

A massive US Dollar coin is pulled magically out of the center of a normal finger ring. pushed backed in, visually changed and changed back. A hyper visual routine layered with deceptive methods.

Split & Splice
A normal dollar is dropped. Whilst in mid-air it splits perfectly in two. Brand new, silver half dollar coins. Unlike Humpty-Dumpty, it CAN be put back together again. Showing both hands completely empty. BONUS: Flick the coin into a spectators hand and watch it split in half before it lands. This. gets. reactions.

Atomic Orbiting Coins
Crush coins down to an atomic level. Leaving all the empty space behind. These coins orbit around your body’s gravitational field (presentationally speaking), only to be plucked out of the air, 1 by 1. Becoming solid once more. You'll love this fresh take on the hanging coins plot.

Take your coin magic to the next level with these super unique routines.

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