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An exploration of 'coins across' that transcends the visual limitations of the plot and adds juicy layers of audible deception.


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Duration: 2 Hours 
Size: 2 GB

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What You'll Learn:


3 different coins fly through the air and into the awaiting hand, 1 by 1, without the hands EVER coming together. It doesn't get cleaner than this!

A 4 coin 'coins across' where the deception is layered with audible tricks, as well as visual. You hear the coins leave the one hand and arrive in the other, but with closed fists and nothing to see. The last coin vanishes so impossibly with COMPLETELY EMPTY HANDS to magically travel to the spectators hand! it just HAS to be magic.

A flawless 3-fly of silver coins that are shown cleanly the entire way through. This routine ends with all 3 coins jumping back ALL AT ONCE! You'll never see a a more deceptive, gimmickless 3-fly

All 3 routines are completely gimmickless and possible with your choice of coins.

Add juicy levels of sound deception to your coin magic and take it to the next level.

Download or stream it now!

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